The Story

Had he lived one hundred and fifty years ago, Bradford Loomis may have been riding rail cars out west or sailing down the Mississippi on a paddle boat. Or maybe he would have claimed his stake in the flat lands of the Midwest. Perhaps he would have plied his hand on a ranch in Texas.

Born in the Northwest in more modern times, Bradford has lived to tell a different, but no less exciting, tale. Through years of choir, band and orchestra he discovered a powerful kinship to the songs and stories of those bygone eras as they helped show him a meaningful way to tell his story.

Bradford Loomis marries grit and melody to dig to the roots of American folklore and speak of the raw reality of the human condition with passion. His stories span several lifetimes of relatable emotions; bitterness & loss, deep longing & regret, enduring hope & love, elation & joy.

In September of 2013, Bradford started writing with Beth Whitney. After a very productive Fall, Bradford and Beth went into the studio to record a new album entitled The Banner Days. Set to release August 23rd 2014, this jointly released record is already garnering rave reviews!

Bradford’s influences include The Civil Wars, the Swell Season, Johnny Cash T-Bone Burnett.




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